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ACIVI Cam should b applid 5 tims p day 4 days. Thapy should b initiatd as aly as possibl ollowing onst signs and symptoms (i.. duing th podom whn lsions appa). adolscnts 12 yas ag and old, th dosag is th sam as in adults.

Clinical xpinc has idntiid nintactions sulting om topical systmic administation oth dugs concomitantly with aciclovi cam.

It is not known whth topically applid aciclovi is xctd in bast milk. Systmic xposu ollowing topical administation is minimal.

Adults: A clinical phamacology study was pomd with aciclovi cam in adult volunts tvaluat th pcutanous absoption aciclovi. In this study, which includd 6 mal volunts, th cam was applid tan aa 710 cm 2 on th backs th volunts 5 tims daily at intvals 2 hous a total 4 days. Th wight cam applid and uinay xction aciclovi w masud daily. Plasma concntation aciclovi was assayd 1 hou at th inal application. Th avag daily uinay xction aciclovi was appoximatly 0.04% th daily applid dos. Plasma aciclovi concntations w blow th limit dtction (0.01 ?M) in 5 subjcts and baly dtctabl (0.014 ?M) in 1 subjct. Systmic absoption aciclovi om aciclovi cam is minimal in adults.

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