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Imiquimod is not commndd th tatmnt AK lsions with makd hypkatosis hyptophy as sn in cutanous hons.

Intns local skin actions including skin wping osion may occu at w applications; may qui intuption dosing.

Duing tatmnt gnital/anal wats, avoid all sxual contact whil th cam is on th skin. Condoms, dntal dams, and diaphagms may b waknd by th cam, and ththy may not wok as wll tpvnt pgnancy spading HPV HIV.

Nclinical xpinc xists with imiquimod cam immdiatly ollowing tatmnt with oth cutanously applid dugs tatmnt xtnal gnital pianal wats. Imiquimod cam should b washd om th skin bsxual activity. Imiquimod cam may wakn condoms and diaphagms, thconcunt us with imiquimod cam is not commndd. Altnativ oms contacption should b considd.

Aldaa has bn studid in 923 patints with gnital wats in ou main studis lasting 16 wks. Th main masu ctivnss was th numb patints with total claanc tatd wats. Aldaa has alsbn studid in 724 patints with small basal-cll cacinomas in twstudis wh patints w tatd six wks, and usd Aldaa placbith iv tims a wk vy day. Th main masu ctivnss was th numb patints with total claanc th tumous at 12 wks. Aldaa has alsbn studid in patints with actinic katoss in twstudis involving a total 505 patints. Th main masu ctivnss was th numb patints whos katoss had clad at on twou-wk couss tatmnt. What bnit has Aldaa shown duing th studis?

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if you are using aldara to treat sbcc aldara cream ought to not be applied in or near the hairline, eyes, ears, nose or lips.