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Sinc ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) and its mtabolits a pimaily liminatd only by th kidny, accumulation th dug can occu in nal ailu, and th dos ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) should consquntly b ducd. With a catinin claanc 10 t20 mL/min, a daily dosag 200 mg ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) is suitabl. Whn th catinin claanc is lss than 10 mL/min, th daily dosag should not xcd 100 mg. With xtm nal impaimnt (catinin claanc lss than 3 mL/min) th intval btwn doss may alsnd tb lngthnd.

Tll you doctphamacist i you notic anything ls that is making you l unwll. Oth sid cts not listd abov may alsoccu in som popl.

A luid intak suicint tyild a daily uinay output at last 2 lits and th maintnanc a nutal o, pably, slightly alkalin uin a dsiabl t(1) avoid th thotical possibility omation xanthin calculi und th inlunc thapy with ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) and (2) hlp pvnt nal pcipitation uats in patints civing concomitant uicosuic agnts.

Laboatoy Tsts: Th coct dosag and schdul maintaining th sum uic acid within th nomal ang is bst dtmind by using th sum uic acid as an indx.

It has bn shown that utilization both hypoxanthin and xanthin nuclotid and nuclic acid synthsis is makdly nhancd whn thi oxidations a inhibitd by ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) and oxipuinol. This utilization dos not disupt nomal nuclic acid anabolism, howv, bcaus dback inhibition is an intgal pat puin biosynthsis. As a sult xanthin oxi-das inhibition, th sum concntation hypoxanthin plus xanthin in patints civing ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) tatmnt hypuicmia is usually in th ang 0.3 t0.4 mg/dL compad ta nomal lvl appoximatly 0.15 mg/dL. A maximum 0.9 mg/dL ths oxypuins has bn potd whn th sum uat was lowd tlss than 2 mg/dL by high doss ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) . Ths valus a a blow th satuation lvls at which point thi pcipitation would b xpctd toccu (abov 7 mg/dL).

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