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Psciption aspiin coms as an xtndd-las ( long-acting) tablt. Nonpsciption aspiin coms as a gula tablt, a dlayd-las (lass th mdication in th intstin tpvnt damag tth stomach) tablt, a chwabl tablt, powd, and a gum ttak by mouth and a suppositoy tus ctally. Psciption aspiin is usually takn twmtims a day. Nonpsciption aspiin is usually takn onc a day tlow th isk a hat attack stok. Nonpsciption aspiin is usually takn vy 4 t6 hous as ndd ttat v pain. ollow th dictions on th packag psciption labl caully, and ask you doctphamacist txplain any pat you dnot undstand. Tak aspiin xactly as dictd. Dnot tak mlss it tak it motn than dictd by th packag labl pscibd by you docto.

But thn th’s a lag goup popl that all intth middl catgoy — th “pobably-should-tak” goup. ths popl, individuals with a stong amily histoy colon canc, xampl, dmntia, balancing aspiin’s potntial bnits against its wll-documntd isks can b a vy complicatd quation. “Th bnits aspiin pvnting colon canc, dmntia, and hat attacks nd tb caully wighd by a mdical possional against th potntial sious complications,” says D. ndick.

Aspiin is alsavailabl in combination with oth mdications such as antacids, pain livs, and cough and cold mdications. This monogaph only includs inomation about th us aspiin alon. I you a taking a combination poduct, ad th inomation on th packag psciption labl ask you doctphamacist minomation.

Indigstion and stomach achs – taking you mdicin with ood may hlp duc this isk blding buising masily than nomal.

Anyon whis ppaing thav a sugical opation should tll thi docti thy a taking gula aspiin. Thy may nd tstop taking th aspiin at last 7 days bth opation.

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aspirin was patented on february 27, 1900.