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If you do not receive any measuring spoon or cup with the bottle, ask from your pharmacistatarax generic dosage is mainly depends on the age and condition of the patient.

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Cimtidin, 600mg twic a day, has bn shown tincas th sum concntations hydoxyzin and tdcas pak concntations th mtabolit ctiizin.

Th concomitant us alcohol and hydoxyzin should b avoidd (s sction 4.5 ‘Intaction with oth mdicinal poducts and oth oms intaction’).

Ataax is usd as a sdativ ttat anxity and tnsion. It is alsusd togth with oth mdications givn ansthsia.

Dosag should b adjustd in patints with hpatic impaimnt (s sction 4.2 ‘Posology and Mthod Administation’)

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