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Total sum PSA lvls tun tbaslin within 6 months discontinuing tatmnt. Th ati ttotal PSA mains constant vn und th inlunc Avodat. I clinicians lct tus pcnt PSA as an aid in th dtction postat canc in mn undgoing Avodat thapy, nadjustmnt tits valu appas ncssay.

You should not donat blood whil taking AVODAT 6 months at you hav stoppd AVODAT. This is impotant tpvnt pgnant womn om civing AVODAT though blood tansusions.

Dnot donat blood whil taking Avodat and at last 6 months at you tatmnt nds. Avodat can b caid in th blood and could caus bith dcts i a pgnant womn civs a tansusion with blood that contains Avodat.

Avodat can b administd alon in combination with th alpha-block tamsulosin (0.4mg) (s sctions 4.4, 4.8 and 5.1).

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