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Benicar is indicated for the treatment of hypertensionhigh blood pressureand is used to lower blood pressureElevated blood pressure levels put an individual at a greater risk of experiencing heart attack and stroke.

But in 2013the FDA released a safety announcement warning the public that Benicar also has the potential to cause intestinal problems known as sprue-like enteropathySymptoms of sprue-like enteropathy are usually more commonly associated with celiac diseasean immune disorder that results in sensitivity to gluten and contributes to malabsorption and gastrointestinalGIproblemsBut drug-induced enteropathy is also a possibilityas is the case with olmesartan-induced enteropathyresulting in severechronic diarrhea and substantial weight loss within months to years after beginning use of the medication.

Serious side effects may also include severechronic diarrhea with considerable weight losswhich may develop months to years after starting BENICARBENICAR HCTAZORor TRIBENZORTell your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms.

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