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Exactly how accutane works on a cellular level is unknown but we do know that it affects four ways that acne develops.

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Abnomal mnstuation buning, cawling, itching, numbnss, pickling, “pins and ndls”, o tingling ling changs in ingnails o tonails continuing inging o buzzing, o oth unxplaind nois in th as dandu dakning o th skin lushing hai abnomalitis hai loss incasd hai gowth, spcially on th ac lightning o nomal skin colo lightning o tatd aas o dak skin nvousnss oily skin dnss o th ac sv sunbun skin ash, ncustd, scaly and oozing stomach buning swating toubl slping unusual dowsinss, dullnss, tidnss, waknss, o ling o sluggishnss unusually wam skin o th ac voic changs.

Isottinoin is availabl in a vaity o band nams, including Absoica, Amnstm, Claavis, Myoisan, and Sott. Th oiginal band, Accutan, is no long on th makt.

Using this mdicin with any o th ollowing mdicins is usually not commndd, but may b quid in som cass. I both mdicins a pscibd togth, you docto may chang th dos o how otn you us on o both o th mdicins.

Nv sha this mdicin with anoth pson, vn i thy hav th sam symptoms you hav. Sto Accutan at oom tmpatu away om moistu, hat, and light.

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