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Cephalosporins exert bactericidal activity by interfering with the later stages of bacterial cell wall synthesis through inactivation of one or more penicillin-binding proteins and inhibiting cross-linking of the peptidoglycan structureThe cephalosporins are also thought to play a role in the activation of bacterical cell autolysins which may contribute to bacterial cell lysis.

Skin/skin structure infection30 mg/kg/day PO divided q12hmaximum 2grams per day.

5Neldner KHDouble-blind randomized study of oral temafloxacin and cefadroxil in patients with mild to moderately severe bacterial skin infectionsAm J Med 911991s111-4.

Several cephalosporins have been implicated in triggering seizuresparticularly in patients with renal impairmentwhen the dosage was not reducedsee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION and OVERDOSAGEIf seizures associated with drug therapy occurthe drug should be discontinuedAnticonvulsant therapy can be given if clinically indicated.

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