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There are many different kinds of hair growth treatments out therebut one of the most popular is the drug finasterideMarketed under a number of brand namesfinasteride was originally created as a treatment for enlarged prostatesHoweverit has also been approved for use in treating hair lossAccording to Wikipediause of finasteride slows down hair loss and can improve hair retention by about 30over a six-month periodSo it’s easy to see why men who are experiencing hair loss concerns may investigate finasteride as part of their hair growth plan.

Avoid use this medicine entirely if you have allergies or if you are pregnantplanning to become pregnantor are breast-feedingConsult your doctor before taking this medicine if you have a blockage in the urinary tractproblems of the bladderprostate cancera bladder infectionsevere trouble urinatinga history of increased serum prostate-specific antigen levels or liver problems.

Now a new studypublished in the journal Peerprovides more evidence that may back up that theoryThis studyfrom Northwestern Medicinelooked at the records of almost 12,000 men in a massive databaseThey focused on men between the ages of 16 and 89inclusivewho had been prescribed drugs for baldness or prostate issues at least once over a 21-year periodThey then looked at any diagnoses of sexual dysfunction.

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