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Lotrisone cream contains a combination of betamethasone and clotrimazolBetamethasone is steroid that reduces itchingswellingand redness of the skinClotrimazole is an antifungal medication that fights infections caused by fungus.

Gently massage a sufficient amount of Lotrisone cream into the affected skin areas twice a day for two weeksDo not use more than 45 grams per weekDo not use with occlusive dressingsIf a patient shows no clinical improvement after 2 weeks of treatment with Lotrisone creamthe diagnosis should be reviewedDo not use longer than 4 weeks.

Before using betamethasone topicaltell your doctor if you are allergic to any drugsor if you have any type of skin infectionYou may not be able to use this medicationor you may need a dose adjustment or special tests during treatment.

Do not use this medication on a child younger than 17 years oldChildren are more likely to absorb the steroid through the skinNever use betamethasone and clotrimazole to treat diaper rash.

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lotrisone should not be used in children younger 17 years, safety and effectiveness in these children have not been confirmed.