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The haunting connection between these two eras in jewish history begins with a story from the talmud in which it is explained that in the purim story haman s daughter committed suicide and thus didn t need to be hung.

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Another echo of Purim is found in the Soviet Union a few years laterIn early 1953Stalin was planning to deport most of the Jews in the Soviet Union to Siberiabut just before his plans came to fruitionhe suffered a stroke and died a few days laterHe suffered that stroke on the night of March 11953the night after PurimnoteJewish days end at sunsetyou will see March 1 on the calendar as PurimThe plan to deport Jews was not carried out.

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Purimwhich takes place on the 14th of Adaris the holiday of oppositesIt connects between happiness and despairconcealment and revelationMordechai and Hamanexile and redemption.

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