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OsteoarthritisOAis the most common form of arthritiswhich is degenerative in natureIt is characterized by progressive disintegration of articular cartilageformation of new bone in the floor of the cartilage lesionseburnationand at the joint marginsosteophytesand leads to chronic disability at older ages1Clinical manifestations of OA range from mild to severeand affect the joints in hands and weight bearing joints such as kneeshipsfeet and spineOA is a clinical syndrome characterized by joint paintendernesslimitation of movementscrepitusoccasional effusion and variable degrees of inflammation without systemic effects2According to epidemiologythe prevalence of OA in India is 22-39Radiographic evidence of OA is present in majority of people over age 65among them80people are over 75 yearsApproximately11of those over 65 have symptomatic OA of the kneeIn India5.3males and 4.8females are aged more than 65 years3OA strikes women more often than men and it increases in prevalenceincidence and severity after menopauseThe etiology of OA is multifactorialVarious morphological as well as biochemical changes result in a softenedulcerated and malfunctioning articular cartilage4It has been postulated that agegenderbody weightrepetitive trauma and genetic factors are the risk factors which play an important role in the manifestation of OA5]

A total of 56 patients with signs and symptoms of SandhivataOAirrespective of agesexoccupation etc who attended OPD of Department of Kayachikitsa in IPGT and RA HospitalGujarat Ayurved UniversityJamnagarwere selected for the clinical trialOut of these49 patients could complete the study and 07 patients discontinued the treatment.

The patients of group A were treated with Shallaki capsule 6 g in three divided doses with lukewarm water after mealwhereas patients of group B were treated with Shallaki capsule in the same dosedurationfrequency and anupana along with local application of Shallaki ointment.

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