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No matter what type of premature ejaculation a man experiences dapoxetine best price is a powerful solution for treatment of the condition.

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PE may be treated with sex therapymedicationsor a combination of these approachesDapoxetinea selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorSSRIis the only oral medication developed to treat PEIt is approved in 60 countries.

There are three basic mechanisms involved in normal ante-grade ejaculationemissionexpulsionand orgasmand each of these components possesses separate neural pathwaysEjaculatory dysfunction can result from disruption of any point in this cascade of eventsSeveral recent studies have clarified some aspects of the physiology of ejaculationEmissionwhich begins with closure of the bladder neck to prevent retrograde flow of seminal fluid and sperm into the bladderrefers to the deposition of seminal fluid and sperm from the distal epididymisvas deferensseminal vesiclesand prostate into the posterior urethraWitt and Grantmyre 1993

Sommer et al2005compared vardenafil 10 mg30 minutes pre-intercourseand sertraline 50 mg4 hours pre-intercoursein a prospectiverandomizedcross-over studyEjaculation was assessed with IELT using a stopwatch and graded on a scale of 0 to 80almost never8almost alwaysThe degree of improvement in ejaculation grade was 2.9 with vardenafil and 1.86 with sertralineand the increases in IELT were 5.23 in vardenafil-treated patients and 2.87 in sertraline-treated patientsThis study suggests that there is a potential for vardenafil in the treatment of PE.

Past studies have revealed high discontinuation rates among men taking dapoxetine for PEeven though trials have shown effectivenessThe current study reported on discontinuation rates and reasons during a 2-year period.

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dapoxetine is a fast-acting inhibitor of the serotonin reuptake transporter.