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Dnot dink alcohol whil taking Antabus. Avoid situations that might tmpt you tdink.

Btaking Antabus you should giv you doctyou nti mdical histoy. You may not b a abl ttak Antabus i you hav a signiicant mdical histoy hat blood vssl disas, diabts, an undactiv thyoid, bain disods (.g., sizus, bain damag), kidny disas, liv disas, a histoy sv dpssion, a histoy psychosis, a histoy suicid attmpts. Antabus can alt th mtabolism and blood lvls ctain dugs, spcially ticyclic antidpssants, Dilantin (phnytoin), coumadin, isoniazid, and thophyllin.

You can us pums, cologns, atshavs. Th amount alcohol you absob though you skin is minimal.

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