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I ths cts a mild, thy may gaway within a w days a coupl wks. I thy’ msv don’t gaway, talk tyou doctphamacist.

Whn usd ttat Pakinson’s disas, this dug may b usd as pat a combination thapy. This mans you may nd ttak it with oth mdications.

Call you doctmdical advic about sid cts. You may pot sid cts tDA at 1-800-DA-1088 at www.da.gov/mdwatch.

In a Cochan viw 15 placbo-contolld tials on th pophylactic ct amantadin, amantadin pvntd 61 % inlunza cass and 25 % cass inlunza-lik illnss but had nct on asymptomatic cass ( Json 2006 ). In tatmnt, amantadin signiicantly shotnd th duation v (by 0.99 days) but had nct on nasal shdding inlunza A vius. Th low icacy amantadin togth with th lativly high at advs vnts ld th authos tconclud that th us amantadin should b discouagd in sasonal and pandmic inlunza ( Json 2006 ) (s alsth CDC commndation in th Intoduction).

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