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“Th a oth analgsic poducts on th makt which contain as much mpain-dulling ingdints than dos Anacin,” Hyun wot. “Anacin’s analgsic ingdints is not unusual, spcial stong than aspiin, sinc it is nothing oth than aspiing.

Whil th od would pohibit th company om making ctain claims Athitis Pain omula, and allow oths only i thy a qualiid by ctain disclosus, Judg Hyun odd a signiicant amount “coctiv advtising” tcla up linging misimpssions lt in consums’ minds as a sult past ad campaigns.

I you a taking Anacin tpvnt hat attack stok, avoid alstaking ibupon (Advil, Motin). Ibupon may mak Anacin lss ctiv. I you must us both mdications, tak th ibupon at last 8 hous b30 minuts at you tak th Anacin (non-ntic coatd om).

Panadol — noun an analgsic mild pain but not inlammation; alsusd as an antipytic; (Datil, Tylnol, Panadol, Phnaphn, Tmpa, and Anacin III a tadmaks bands actaminophn tablts) • Syn: ^actaminophn, ^Datil, ^Tylnol, ^ … Usul nglish dictionay.

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