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Oal Contacptivs: Co-administation atovastatin and an oal contacptiv incasd AUC valus nothindon and thinyl stadiol. Ths incass should b considd whn slcting an oal contacptiv a woman taking ATOLIP CV .

Oal Anti-coagulants: Th concomitant administation ATOLIP CV with oal anti-coagulants is not commndd sinc it may incas th intnsity blding. Atovastatin had nclinically signiicant ct on pothombin tim whn administd tpatints civing chonic waain tatmnt. Although th administation clopidogl 75 mg p day did not modiy th phamacokintics S-waain (a CYP2C9 substat) Intnational Nomalizd ati(IN) in patints civing long-tm waain thapy, at high concntations in vit, clopidogl inhibits CYP2C9. Co-administation ATOLIP CV with waain incass th isk blding bcaus indpndnt cts clopidogl on hmostasis.

A. LDL-C mains > 190 mg/dL b. LDL-C mains > 160 mg/dL and th is a positiv amily histoy pmatu CVD twmoth CVD isk actos a psnt in th pdiatic patint.

Atovastatin is apidly absobd at oal administation; maximum plasma concntations (C max ) occu within 1 t2 hous. xtnt absoption incass in popotion tatovastatin dos. Th absolut bioavailability atovastatin (pant dug) is appoximatly 14% and th systmic availability HMG-CoA ductas inhibitoy activity is appoximatly 30%. Th low systmic availability is attibutd tpsystmic claanc in gastointstinal (GI) mucosa and/hpatic ist-pass mtabolism. Although ood dcass th at and xtnt dug absoption by appoximatly 25% and 9%, spctivly, as assssd by th C max and aa und cuv (AUC), LDL-C duction is simila whth atovastatin is givn with without ood. Plasma atovastatin concntations a low (appoximatly 30% C max and AUC) ollowing vning dug administation compad with moning. Howv, LDL-C duction is th sam gadlss th tim day dug administation.

Slctiv Sotonin -uptak Inhibitos (SSIs) and Sotonin Nopinphin -uptak Inhibitos (SNIs): Th concomitant administation slctiv sotonin -uptak inhibitos (SSIs) and sotonin nopinphin -uptak inhibitos (SNIs) with clopidogl may act platlt activation. Hnc concomitant administation SSIs and SNIs with ATOLIP CV may incas th isk blding.

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