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People who are pregnant people under the age of 18 people with liver failuredecompensated cirrhosispeople who have had a liver transplant people with severe kidney impairment or disease people who are co-infected with hepatitis B.

Outcomes according to treatment groupsThe percentage of patients with undetectable serum HCV RNA at the end of the treatment period was 57in group Anonrespondersand 78in group BrelapsersAt the end of follow-upthe rate of sustained virological response was 26for group A and 51for group BTable 2

Hep C is a disease of the liver that is caused by a virusA virus is a very tiny germ that infects a cell and causes the cell to makes copies of the virus in a process called replicationThe hepatitis C virus has at least six different strainswhich are also known as genotypes.

Copegus is indicated in combination with Pegasys or Roferon A for the treatment of adult patients with chronic hepatitis C who have not previously been treatedincluding patients with fibrosis or compensated cirrhosisIt is also indicated for the treatment of adult patients who have responded to interferon alpha monotherapy but have since relapsed.

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copegus ribavirin is used together with an interferon such as pegintron or intron a to treat chronic hepatitis c which is a disease of the liver.