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Do not take Ginette 35 Tablet if you have a blood cell disorderif you have a bleeding disorderif you have high blood pressureif you have a history of stomach bleedingbleeding in your brain or an upcoming surgeryBefore using Ginette 35 Tablet tell your doctor if you are using any prescription drugsnon-prescription drugsor other herbal and dietary pills and supplementsif you are allergic to certain food items or substancesif you are pregnant and/or breastfeedingif you have a blood cell disorderof if you have a history of kidney diseases.

GINETTE 35 should be started after taking the last hormone containing tablet from the Every Day Pill packThe first tablet of GINETTE 35 is taken the next dayAdditional contraceptive precautions are not then required.

CPA+EE has not been specifically studied in renally impaired patientsAvailable data do not suggest a change in treatment in this patient population.

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