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Ghosh et al2009studied five antibioticsclarithromycinenrofloxacinsulfamethoxazoletetracyclinetrimethoprimto assess their action on the bacteria responsible for oxidation of ammonia and observed that for concentrations lower than 0.05 mg/L these drugsindividuallyhad no significant effect on the bacteria.

They are considered to be safe drugs and have many favorable properties such as broad spectrum of activitylow toxicitylow costand it canin most casesbe administered orallyJeong et al 2010The most common side effects are nauseavomiting and diarrheaA unique constraint is for pregnant women and children during growth due to its deposition in bones and teeth calcificationLess common effects are induced photosensitivityurticariaheadacheabdominal painhypertensionfevermild leukopeniaanemia and thrombocytopeniaPatients who take insulin must be monitoredsince tetracyclines may increase the persistence of insulin in the bodyrequiring more closely blood glucose levels monitoring in that patientsZhanel et al 2004

In generalthe more lipophilic molecules are more active than the hydrophilic due to their interaction with lipoprotein in biological membranesTetracycline have the ability to cross the cell membrane by passive diffusion process and by active transport due to its good diffusion inside the cells and therefore exhibit excellent antibiotic activity against intracellular bacteriaZhanel et al 2004Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria2012

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that the absorption of tetracyclines is reduced when taken with foods, especially those that contain calcium.