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Every day provide tulasi fresh air, water as needed be careful not to water too much , and sunshine or plant lights .

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In order to understand who Tulasi devi isone must also understand who Vrinda devi isIn factTulasi devi and Vrinda devi are one and the same.

7StressBasil leaves area unit thought to be associate degreeadaptogenor anti-stress agentRecent studies have shown that the leaves afford vital protection against stress12

Every day Baba talked to us of the glories of Vrinda Devi as described in the Skanda PuranaBrahma-vaivarta PuranaPadma PuranaGaruda PuranaNarada Puranaand other Vedic textsHe carefully translated the Vrindadevyashtakam by Vishvanatha Cakravarti Thakuraand he told us about the mercy of Lord CaitanyaWe learned that the Lord would have a Tulasitree carried before him in His sankirtana party.

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Tulasy amrita-janmasi sada tvam keshava-priya keshavartham cinomi tvam varada bhava shobhane.

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note tulasi leaves must be offered to lord vishnu or lord krishna, lord narayana, and caitanya vishnu-tattva only .