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, heparin instills -too painful for my urethra, atarax interfered with my quality of sleep first time, second time dried my bladder out, elavil makes me sick, lidocaine patches just plain don t work , cystoprotek only tried a couple months but didn t seem to do much , aloe vera caps, pelvic floor therapy, trigger point work flared me worse, lyrica bad stomach pain .

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Common1to 10AtrioventricularAVblockbundle branch blockelectrocardiogramECGabnormalelectrocardiogram QRS complex prolongedelectrocardiogram QT prolongedorthostatic hypotensionpalpitationstachycardia.

Common1to 10Aggressionagitationconfusional stateslibido decrease.

CommentsDosage should be reduced to the lowest amount that will maintain relief of symptomswhen satisfactory improvement has been obtainedDose increases should preferably be made in the late afternoon or at bedtime due to the sedative effectThe full therapeutic effect may take as long as 30 days to developMaintenance therapy should be continued for 3 months or longer to lessen the possibility of relapse.

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Tell your doctor if you are allergic to itor to other tricyclic antidepressantssuch as nortriptylineor if you have any other allergiestell your doctor your medical historyespecially if you experiencebleeding problemsurinating problemsbreathing problemsliver problemsfamily history of suicideoveractive thyroidhyperthyroidismpersonal or family history of glaucomaangle-closure typerecent heart attackpersonalfamily history of mental/mood conditionssuch as bipolar disorderpsychosisseizuresor conditions that may increase your risk of seizures For an overdoseseek medical attention immediatelyFor non emergenciescontact your local or regional poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

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