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A chemical in hoodia called P57 is thought to decrease feelings of hungerBut it is not known if hoodia has this effect when used in people.

Many weight loss supplements assert they contain Hoodiabut actual amount or efficacy unverified.

Obesity is one of the most common health concernsaffecting more than 300 million people worldwide1Obesity is associated with and can lead to a number of diseasesincluding type 2 diabetesT2Dcardiovascular diseaseosteoarthritisdyslipidemiaand sleep apneamany of which can be prevented with a reduction in body weight1Current strategies for the management of body weight include calorie restrictionregular exerciseand behavior modificationAlthough effective in the short termdiet and exercise alone are difficult to maintain over the long term for the majority of patientsThusmedications and alternative treatments have been soughtThe commercial market for antiobesity preparations is enormousbut unfortunatelythere are only two FDA-approved drugs availablephentermine and orlistatboth with limited efficacy but significant side effects2

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it seems the main bioactive p57 cannot easily reach the brain to do this, and aside from failures of hoodia to suppress the appetite it may also be mildly toxic and imprudent to supplement.